The above equation is my goal. And since you’re reading this page, it means you are merely interested in using high quality graphic design to promote and grow your business. I have some good news – you are in the right place! Please be my guest and BROWSE MY PORTFOLIO to find out what I can do for you and your business. If you’ll like what you’ll see, or even if you don’t, you can DROP ME A LINE and tell me about your next project, or just say what you think about this website.

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Advanced Media Reports - printed 8-page brochureAdvanced Media Reports - printed 8-page brochure

Advanced Media Reports

Printed 8-page brochure for Ish Monroe, a professional angler recognized for fishing more multi-day national events than any other pro in professional bass fishing.

River2Sea USA - company website and e-commerce storeRiver2Sea USA - company website and e-commerce store

River2Sea USA

Company website and e-commerce store for River2Sea USA, a very appreciated fishing lures manufacturer.

Powell Rods

Company website and e-commerce store for Powell Rods, a well-known fishing rods manufacturer.



I've worked with Mike Margineanu at m-Graphix for several years now, and he never ceases to amaze me. As a photographer, writer and editor, I have always loved working with him. He has a way of making my images really come to life on a printed page and it makes me even more proud of the work I put into making my images turn out as high quality as possible. His skill and his care for the project really enhances the enjoyment of a product for the end user. But, that's not all that I enjoy about working with him. As a business person, Mike really reaches deadlines and he does them in a way that helps make budgeting and scheduling a lot easier. he is an incredible talent, and a true pleasure to work with; I would recommend him to anyone looking for graphics work, page layout projects and even websites, and I have on many occasions. –Dan O'Sullivan, Managing Editor - Advanced Writer, Photographer, Editor and Fishing Industry Consultant

Mike is a "rare animal" in the IT world, who never mystifies the technology. Yet, he is technically savvy and all-round, not only on website developments. Above all, he is hard-working, diligent, honest and fair. I enjoy working with him. –Kai Chan, Owner of River2Sea

Mike is exceptional, we send him text files and pictures and leave the rest to him. His knowledge of our industry and knowledge of the software tools he uses produce awesome results. Never has there been a time lag in getting the product as a concept or finished for print. Mike is superb in his professionalism and willingness to go beyond. I strongly recommend the use of his talents. He always provides the needed information or answers as requested... sometimes even before I’ve thought of the question! I found him to be a naturally caring person in action. He is superb in his professionalism and willingness to go beyond. He is always very concerned for making sure things go smoothly in the right direction –Wayne Wasulko - publisher

I am a satisfied and thankful client of Mike and m-Graphix for years. As a freelance outdoor writer and photographer, I've always loved the story layout and front cover photo-editing done by m-Graphix with my stories and photos in various magazines. Second, as a magazine editor myself, I've worked closely with m-Graphix to layout 100-page issues of magazines, stories, photo-editing, creating ad copy. etc. Most of all, m-Graphix's creative use of magazine layout space is unparalleled (I mean it) in the fishing magazine business today. There's nobody better at creative layout. m-Graphix really made my magazine issues ands my writer staff look good on every page, and advertisers were elated with their ads by m-Graphix. Third, m-Graphix created a cutting edge, content-driven website for me at I asked m-Graphix to make it different from the many other fishing websites. I wanted something special that anglers would love, something truly unique, and that's why I chose m-Graphix to implement it. By every measurement - project management, communication, teamwork, timeliness, cost, features, ease of use, appearance, visitor traffic, follow-up and especially creativity - m-Graphix and my new website exceeded all expectations. In all my time working with m-Graphix, I can't recall a single problem whatsoever; only positives I would recommend m-Graphix to a friend. –Russ "Bassdozer" Comeau, bass fishing writer and Owner of

Having to work with many graphic artists, Mike is absolutely the best to collaborate with. The workflow from client to press is always seamless, with no unwanted surprises.  Clearly, his abilities and technical expertise in translating raw concepts into functional design are outstanding. –W. Martens - Production Manager Mid Atlantic Graphics - Shirley, New York

Mihai has been the Art Director for The Fire Island Tide Newspaper for the past 4 years. He is extremely efficient, creative and able to multitask. Deadlines are always adhered to for the printing of the newspaper. I would highly recommend Mihai for all of your graphic needs. –Kate Heissenbuttel - Publisher, Fire Island Tide Newspaper - Long Island, New York

Mike (Mihai) Margineanu provides an impeccable and an outstanding service when it comes to logo design, graphic design and editorial design. His on-time, reputable and great communicative ways definitely reward Mihai with an A+ in my book! When things need to get done, m-Graphix is the source to accommodate your web design and logo design needs. Mihai is personable, honest, understands your vision, and overall, a sincere business professional. Thank you Mihai for all the great work and for your hard, diligent efforts. –Joseph Mercado - author of "The Undiscovered You - Discover Who You Are Through Keyword Quotes"