A good logo design in theory should be able to create a positive, powerful first impression. It should also create a long lasting one as well.

Examples? Just think of IBM’s and McDonalds’ logo. If you can only see part of their logo you’ll instantly recognize it. This proves that their logo works in leaving a strong impression
to viewers. Isn’t that what we all want?

It should also convey to viewers, your company’s ethos, mission and products/services to them. A good logo also builds your brand and gives a polished, more professional look to your business. It should reflect the nature of your business and what kind of services you offer. If it’s a bank, then classic and bold typeface works well to suggest solid and protected look. If your unique business is based on speedy service, you might consider italics or dashes to suggest movement.

McDonalds Logo

Practically, a good logo design should also be simple and works well in black and white. Why? Let’s imagine again examples of excellent logos; Nike’s swoosh, Sony, Dell, and BMW. Can you recognize them in black and white? From a distance? or even just a part of it? That is why your logo needs to be simple to work well in all mediums. Clients often make the mistake in thinking that more is more, when in actuality less is more. The simpler your logo, the easier it is on the eyes and the faster it will register in your future customers’ minds.

Exceptions apply to Governments Organizations, 5 star hotels or exclusive clubs. This is because a good logo for them would more often be classical in nature to give an image of stability and exclusivity.

Colors are not as important in a good logo design as you might think. If your logo does not look good in black and white, it won’t look good in any color.

Choose only colors that represent your company well. Yellow or sky blue gives a youthful and
energetic look. Navy or lavender gives a calm, professional feel. Red, orange means strong and intense while green and magenta commands respect.

Choose your logo design wisely, and remember a cheap logo design service is not necessarily
better. As the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’.


Written by: Alif Wahab – Uniqon Design Services

Alif Wahab is the director of a multidisciplinary design firm, Uniqon Design Services. The firm specializes in Income-Generating Design Solutions for Businesses.